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Home Safety Tips

Statistics show most traffic accidents happen within 25 miles of the home, and that most non-vehicular accidents happen within the home! For this reason, Prime-Line is committed to promoting a safe and secure environment for your family that is economical and practical.

WINDOWS - Windows are a basic necessity in the modern home. Windows provide light and ventilation and give us a view of the world from the safety of our homes. They are both a safety device and a potential safety hazard.

Windows can be an important safety device in the event of an emergency. They can provide an emergency exit or an entrance for rescuers in the event of a fire that cuts off normal points of entry. Please share this information with all your family members to assure they have the proper knowledge of your home's safety routes and to help prevent panic in case of an emergency.

Windows can also pose a safety hazard if improperly maintained or if steps are not taken to prevent accidents, especially where children are concerned.

Windows and doors should remain closed and locked when not in use to discourage potential acts of theft and vandalism.

Small children are particularly vulnerable to accidents involving windows. Children should never be left unattended in an area of potential danger. Open windows can present a serious risk to the safety of young children. Windows should be closed and locked. If ventilation is necessary, only use windows that are inaccessible to young children.

Couches, chairs, beds and other furniture provide climbing areas for children that could lead them to danger on a window or ledge. These items should be kept away from all windows when you have small children in your home.
Standard window screens cannot prevent a child from falling through a window. They are intended merely to deter insects and to provide ventilation. Even the weight of a small child can easily tear through or dislodge a screen from it's frame and mounting. For this reason, Prime-Line places warning labels on all screen frame material to warn consumers of this potential hazard.
Keep windows closed and locked or opened no more than 4", for ventilation, if small children have access to them. A secondary locking device should be used to keep the window in a fixed position.
Window blinds and operator cords, or even the drapes themselves, can present a significant hazard to children. Ensure they are away from playpens and out of reach of small hands.

Safety glazing should be considered for all windows. This will prevent glass from breaking into sharp pieces, but rather into small chunks that are less likely to cause further injury. Most building codes require safety glazing on all patio doors.
Additionally, there are numerous other items that should be safeguarded from the curiosity of small children.

Electrical cords should be wrapped in devices that will keep them from underfoot and out of sight of small ones.

Electrical outlets should be covered to prevent injury, or even death from any unforeseen mishaps.
Sharp corners on tables or cabinets can be covered to prevent injury from stumbling or falling. In some cases, these may be advisable for areas frequented by the elderly or disabled.

Household chemicals and cleaning solutions are commonly poisonous and can be fatal.

Children can be prevented from gaining access to areas where such dangerous items are stored by installing child-resistant locks and catches on cabinet doors. Knives, forks, scissors and other sharp objects should be safely kept in drawers that have had child-resistant catches installed.

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Maintenance Tips...

Poorly maintained patio doors and windows are a significantly higher danger than those that are properly serviced. Make sure your doors roll properly and that the handles function correctly.
Never let dried paint seal a window closed and never nail a window shut. It may be a life-saving device and must be allowed to open.

Remove any obstructions in the sash or tracks of windows to allow them to function correctly.

When repairing broken glass for the interior or exterior of your home, be sure to follow all safety measures. Do not try to cut corners in regards to safety. Remember... most accidents occur IN THE HOME!

Always use a ladder of the proper height and insure it is on a solid, level footing. You should never stand on a bed, couch or chair.

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Broken glass is responsible for hundreds of injuries every year. Always repair broken glass immediately and be sure to follow proper handling instructions. Use gloves to handle broken glass and dispose of properly. Make sure to follow any instructions carefully when repairing or installing doors and windows.

Broken locks on doors or windows invite theft and reduce the security of your home. Locks or latches that do not function properly can hamper a potential evacuation or rescue in the event of an emergency. Repair operating parts on windows and doors as soon as possible. Many sash and sliding windows rely on sensitive parts for proper operation. Without proper maintenance, these windows may cause injury while opening or closing, or fail to provide a much needed means of escape in an emergency.

Prime-Line manufactures a number of window and door security devices. You will find that everything from Entry and Patio Door Security items to Window and Child Safety items are available from us. Search our online catalog for Defender Security Products and ask for them at your local hardware retailer.

As one of the largest suppliers of window and door replacement parts, Prime-Line provides the first line of preventive maintenance for the windows and doors in your home. Please look for our products in your favorite home center or hardware store.